Ritual Statistics Part One

Pyromancer4 wrote:
I'd be VERY interested in statistics on the atlas passive trees, to see which nodes are most popular
Good idea, even though I know what to expect... beyond, delirium, harvest everywhere...
Need to know how many rituals been passed over.
Viktranka wrote:
I guess all the streamers having clips of pulling mirrors and HHs from rituals is typical case of "streamer's luck"...

More like 6 hours sleep , 18 hours efficient play , everyday .
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

To those of you getting butthurt over the Rituals taking up too much time. Do you not see the Harvest, Abyss, Vaal Areas, Menagerie, Heist and the mine encampment?

These all take time and slow down the map runs but only if you trigger them. So stop whining about it and if you don't like it then just ignore them (like I do with the harvest) and enjoy the game that these developers spend hours and hours trying to come up with new content for us to enjoy...FOR FREE.

┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

Ok, rant over
I am one of the lucky 500. Took 400ish maps to get it offered.
I want to see how many Mavens lost to crash :D
jsuslak313 wrote:
seems like a really high number of mirrors...especially in a single month and ONLY from rituals

it's 300 mirrors vs 600 MILLION rituals

Now dont buy a Fishing Rod anymore.
The Number is already perfect.
69 fishing rods.sexy.

MLGonthorian wrote:
Fishing rod... Of course... Lol
On a side note, I'm still waiting for the day when fishing would actually be a thing

It's in the game. Just look at the rod:mirror ratio. That alone tells you how powerfull fishing is in PoE.
Only sad thing is that you need legacy nets these days to fish efficently.
ritual is the least rewarding mechanic of all the leagues mechanics we ever seen in this game , I hope it doesn't get implemented to core game , its just a no no for me , a total waste of pace and time .

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