Ritual Statistics Part One

memory leak fix when bow fix when ? cant kill shit
i saw dream, wilson slaped harvest bench +40.
I'm not sure if this is a thing you're tracking or that's easy to look up, but i think I'd be interesting to see if there's a difference in deferral behaviour between different server regions.
There's probably about 3 more people like me that think that's interesting.
I'd be VERY interested in statistics on the atlas passive trees, to see which nodes are most popular
elting44 wrote:
jsuslak313 wrote:
seems like a really high number of mirrors...especially in a single month and ONLY from rituals

That is how many times they have been offered, not received. You are offered one, it costs 15k favour, so you defer it and its not offered again for 100+ rituals.

No, it says in the paragraph just below the stats that these numbers are how many times the offer has been recieved, not offered.
D3izhistory wrote:
Ritual rewards are a joke, mapping at a faster speed delivers more loot

TOTALLY THIS. Once more your League content is ridiculously underwhelming, not because the mechanic or idea, but the implementation.
Core content (Maven) is amazing though, the team in developing the league's content need an "upgrade"...
Hi, can you post how many times a talisman w/ a life roll was offered?
Is this across all platforms?
I know it has been posted more than once, but I need to repeat it just to state HOW IMPORTANT this is...

Fishing Rod 69

Nice. It's been great to have more currency this league. I feel like I can readily get the things that I need and enjoy playing more. Ran my first Uul-Netol breach last night because I finally had enough splinters.

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