[3.13] Fire Lacerate | Oni-Goroshi | Lacerate Chieftain | 30M+ DPS | Boss Killer | Starter friendly

nicemoki wrote:
Would a Sporeguard chest help or hinder this build?

You can try, actually its possible. However you lose some critical chance and frenzy charge on hit. Overall A rare armour would be better in this case since you have harvest to help you craft a decent rare armour.
Really looked forward to playing this build, but my Path of Building doesnt seem to recognize the version your build is saved in?

Found the answer. Nice build my dude.
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Headhunter is worth for us?
Enzoniewski wrote:
Headhunter is worth for us?

Unless you extremely min-maxed your gears that can one-shot all rare enemies, otherwise I would not recommend using HH. I had completed 5 deli orbs with this build with usually 1 death, it does not clear very smooth like other self-curse bow build therefore your HH stacks will not be stacked very high.

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