Burning Arrow Chain Reactions // 30m DOT DPS // Faceroll all content

Is there any way not to use a mana flask and have some leech?
Super interesting build. Being on SSF however Bereks is a pita to get. I guess its back to spamming chaos on domination maps :D
Randomiize wrote:
Is there any way not to use a mana flask and have some leech?

Divergent WED gem
rnbounty wrote:
whats the best way to keep rolling for t1 burning dmg on my helmet?

change lightning res to fire res harvest craft->rem/add fire harvest craft?

since i have 2 increased fortify effect nodes on my lethal pride a way to fit in fortify would be super good....

or better to rem lightning, rem fire, craft fire res, aug fire, if hit t1 burning damage aug lightning again?
I'm no crafting wiz, but I think this makes sense to me:
Remove Fire, Light to Fire Res, Aug Fire

Yep, swap the lightning resist to fire, cheap, like 30c, then just aug fire.

If you brick the ignite roll, like t2 for example, you then just swap the fire back to light or cold and start over.
karlklaps wrote:
Ulkoth wrote:
Hello everybody

I've been playing this build at a private league so I'm still missing all the good crafts from helmet and gloves, still working on medium clusters too. Although lacking lot of end-game investments, build is capable of awesome stuff already.

If someone can explain to me, I didn't find the explanation for why the +1 curse body armour is not the best "anymore". I have a curse chest and a ele weak on hit ring. Why are people dropping this setup?

Thanks in advance!

its an option to have awakened hextouch lvl 5 in ur woc setup(gives 1 additional curse) .
definitely a good option , i personally prefer arcanist brand with curse woc/combustion. really nice qol

one thing im currently looking into is that despair seems to be by far the best curse dps whise , why is no one using this one?
am i missing something?

I'm using despair, though doesn't seem to be any difference damage wise to ele weakness (ele weakness probably better on +monster resistance maps to). It was easier/cheaper to get the ring though.
Witchfire brew could be an option too, though don't like relying on flask, and we are tight for flask slots.

Fucking fantastic build. The only places I have trouble with this build are Simulacrums (proximity shield/unlucky mods) and high delirious maps.

Gear is not even perfect but close enough.

Burning arrow deserves an MTX tho, what an eye sore it is lol.

If you are wondering about the chest, I just thought it might be neat to explore it.

With a level 21 Anomalous Summon Chaos Golem and +1 from my chest, I get 5% phys reduction. After all the scaling we do I sit at 42% phys reduction for free (no flask, no armour, no endurance), is it worth it? I've no damn idea lol.
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Hi guys, nice suggestion to improve the QoL of this build. I'm still trying to find an ideal flask setup. this is what I'm currently running:

I was using the taste of hate setup but I got few deaths because of bleed and with many on death effects coming its so hard to stop moving. I'm thinking of swapping "Elemental damage with attacks support" with the divergent version, but What do I swap the Enduring mana flask with? I still need the curse immunity.

What setup of golems should i run? 2/2/2/2/1? Didnt find any informations in the start-posting.

Overall: Thanks for the guide, really nice to play. :)

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