Our 3.14 Expansion Timeline

Hope this league feature will be tested before being live...

Also, at some point you should revisit bosses life pool in leveling part of the game. Yesterday, i fought merveil and all 3 bandits and it took almost 3-5 minutes to fight each one of them... Oak was the biggest problem, near 15 minutes to fight him...This is beyond ridiculous at this point.
You NUKED Harvest...
Your crafting system is a Gambling System...
Path of Exile is not a Casino...
Gambling is not fun nor a game mecanic...
"balance changes" lol Meta has been summoner for like two years.
Even smaller league?? I thought this league is already small enough. No rewards, only 2 new gems / 1 skill (both sh*t actually), no new mechanic but new performance and trading issues...
Jayjthejet wrote:
Xzorn wrote:
This has been the longest Challenge League I've ever played simply because of how poorly the game runs and how uninterested that's made me in playing. A month in and I usually have my 36/40.

Not interested in the next league because you've made me uninterested in the game as a whole.

8 years playing this game and you finally did it. Great job.

[Removed by Support]

34 or 36 whatever. I didn't know I had to play every league to have interest in the game when I play.

I came back from a long break on Abyss HC then realized they no longer make league content for HC so went to playing Softcore Beastiary but that league was so awful I quit mid-character.

I then came back the last week of Legion for 28. I then stayed for both Blight and Metamorph which I did in about a month 36 and 34.

I came back for Heist 34 which I also got in a month and now I've stayed for Echoes which is taking the longest amount of time due to my disinterest in playing. Not the fact I'm just doing something else or want to quit it right out. There's a difference.

I either play a league or I don't. Echoes has been this "Eh, should I bother or not" depression League and that has never been the case before. I WANT to play Echoes but then I think of all the issues.

Maybe this explains better. Using the 36/40 is just a parse of how hardcore I get into the game when I play. I didn't even bother with Challenges for years but played every day for months straight.
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Looking forward for the balance changes xD
Just make sure to finally fix this bug:


It has exited for more than 6 months and it's destroying wealth or causing inconvenience for your standard players every single time.
Automatic map conversion in the - paid for with real money - map tab for example does not work when you would get more than 72 of a unique map because of the downtier bug.
Would Love Auto Pickup Or MASS pickup for Splinters and other Bulk Dropped items Like currency it's just the Nice thing to do GGG
Can you tell us what will be the new MTX in 3.14 so i can start working on my starter build ?
PLZ fix BUGs
Others have said it better than I can:

SmackD4B wrote:
Actually would not mind this league lasting a bit longer. There is so much to do now with so many games within a game (delve, heist, syndicate, etc...). On top of Ritual League being really fun...

Davidious wrote:
...I think care should be taken on balancing delivery of content vs delivery of stable content...
May your maps be bountiful, exile

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