Our 3.14 Expansion Timeline

Please go back to the "old" release circle with a release before christmas.
This new circle sucks so bad for anyone going to university orm even school in middle europe.
I dont normally write here but this is important to me.
Thanks allot for making a great game.
This league has been so much fun i canceled my wow Subb just to play POE.

There are 3 things i would like to recommend.
1. Better optimization
My PC is a beast but i have to play POE on low
settings or not roll my maps at all.

2. Quality of Life stuff
Maby integrate Poe trade check instead of having to replay on 3de
party addons
Change the stack sizes on Resonators to match fossils stack sizes
a better way to unstack all the resonators

3. South African Server
would assist everyone in Africa with better playing experience
being from New Zealand you would surly know the pain of playing
with high ping on other online games and what a huge change a
local server makes.

Wow Stimulus check coming soon, Just in time for everyone to buy a new computer with Intel 11th gen, to handle the new expansion & get premium tabs !!

The timing of this upcoming league is perfect !!!

also: i agree with the above statement
Game could use a little more optimization
( have noticed an over-all 20% improvement over the last 2 leagues though, keep up the good work ! ) <cpu% went from 98-100% down to 78-92%>

GTX 1080 can handle this game max settings, but its the CPU% that can't handle the game.

Unfortunately with ritual... noticed that loading into town was very low quality/blurry, I have noticed that after the first couple of weeks.... all of Feburary of 2021.. the load times between waypoints/areas went from 5 sec to about 40sec + and its not just me, all of my friends noticed the same issue.

West/mid/east USA ( 13 friends )
Windows 10 & pro editions.

hope this can be looked into.
I know there are a lot of Power outages in Texas. so server keeps crashing the last 4 days. and the week before the east-USA had multi-carrier cellphone outages. so that may have affected the washington server as well.

But just in general, many performance issues, and all these people spamming MTX in towns ect doesn't help.
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