Our 3.14 Expansion Timeline

1. Fix Api.
2. Can you made shops in players hideout? Something like in metin2? It's not auction house. You have to still interact with others and it's still taking some of the time.
I am hoping that 3.14 is mostly a performance overhaul to prepare for PoE 2.
hyyyben wrote:
medis13 wrote:
outriders launches on April 1st

Outriders will flop like cyberpunk did..no worries exile :)

what is outriders and cyberpunk?

Diablo 2 is fun though but I am hoping 3.14 is a big performance overhaul to help prepare for PoE2 - better support for more systems and updated macOS client (it's still just in beta)
In ritual league for me at least game performance has been the best i've seen in a long time. It is also the most enjoyable league mechanic for a long time. I like simple stuff - more of the same in 3.14 please.

As for the small suprise for the live stream, maybe some tiny news about POE2 would be nice. Everyone is eager to hear how the development goes.
Awesome thank you for the heads up
great work!!
Wow thats big.
"Some things that slumber should never be awoken."

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Sweet more fragments for more stashes, cant wait haha
Been playing since beta and still having a blast. This isn't going to be a long drawn out message with a thesis on every aspect, but just a general comment. Please trim down required gameplay aspects for crafting like syndicate, certain delve, and to a point heist.

There are too many gameplay modes at this point. Sure, more content is great, but they should stand on their own without being forced to complete at least a portion of that content.

What I mean be stand-alone (and I know you know) if players enjoy that content, then they should be able to play and get rewarded. But, not everyone wants to play every single thing that has been brought into POR over the years.

I think we need to put in a new "core" gameplay and remove some of the requirements for playing older content. Maybe that is POE 2.0, and I'm looking forward to that experience.

Anyway .. thanks for the great game and hard work. You've destroyed all the competition on released content and F2P ... thanks GGG
Please remove outdated mechanics like Abyss and Temple of Atzoatl. The game needs a bit less CLUTTER in a general sense. It's overwhelming at this point even to veteran players. Overwhelming isn't even the right word, but it feels like there is too much and it just gets in your way. The multitask syndrome the phones produce perhaps. Similar feeling. Too many apps alerting everywhere. I don't have a problem with having half as many mechanics or even 3 quarters as much as we have right now.

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