Our 3.14 Expansion Timeline

tbc classic is rumored to be released may 4th (let's wait for blizzcon to be sure.) Any extra time u can give us to enjoy 3.14 would be amazing!!
Sweet !
Coffee & Cigarettes
Yes bia...
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impulze3 wrote:
Please implement quality of live changes and fix performance issues, especially with delirium and other loot heavy content, before you bloat the game even further

auction house on the way?
"As usual, we're aiming to create four expansions this year [..]"

Is 4.0 an expansion being aimed at?
outriders launches on April 1st
Azarhiel wrote:
Hope this league feature will be tested before being live...

Also, at some point you should revisit bosses life pool in leveling part of the game. Yesterday, i fought merveil and all 3 bandits and it took almost 3-5 minutes to fight each one of them... Oak was the biggest problem, near 15 minutes to fight him...This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

Using what? default attack? impressive!
I was honestly looking forward to a 4 month cycle. I don't always get as much time (or have as much success) as I'd like to play, and having longer to complete League challenges was really exciting to me. Like, really exciting. It also gave GGG more time to implement better things. Every league always starts out with 4 weeks of bug fixes and adjustments anyway.

It also gave some time for GGG to tease new League content, and for people to theorycraft new crazy builds, which I also thoroughly enjoy and had a lot of fun with leading up to Ritual league.

Hearing that essentially it was actually "Yeaaaaah we were just late this time, because of...cyberpunk? or covid...or something." is pretty disappointing, but whatever.

Being disappointed because nothing's changed is something I'm getting better at.

Speaking of nothing changing: Outside of the glaring performance issues both ever-present and brand new, Ritual League is pretty good.

The atlas somehow seems more intuitive despite the added layers, the multi-boss encounters are fun and hard and dying doesn't delete your inventory. Rituals are a really cool loot funnel, and I'm excited to see them go core. They'll be one of the more exciting ones to find out in the wild, once they're not everywhere urging you to explore every single map. The Maven is a really interesting character, and despite The Envoy apparently attending Tane's School of Cursor Interception he too is a fun little droll addition to the normal sounds of my CPU fracturing alongside the sounds of 100 monsters following suit.
3.14>3.15>POE 2 Beta <3

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