The Warlord Mystery Box

So supporter packs funds go like 50% for new league, 50% for new boxes... Misery back attachment seems appropriate now. :)
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looks so good! gj GGG
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servers still not working well and release mtx

Looks awesome in a vacuum, but the coloursheme is not matching any of my daily skilleffects. :/
"The average reward is worth 110 points, which is more than three times the cost of the box."

The calculation does not integrate that duplicates are practically useless and that nobody aims for 10 times the footprints (and one wouldn't have bought it 10 times). I hope one day there will be laws against this kind of misleading.
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I really need to remember that these don’t have Dupe protection,

25 pulls and got 3 sword pets and 5 Suffering helmets.

And all I wanted was the TR MTX...
Awesome stuff!!
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Dupe protection or the ability to combine dupes to make the upgraded version.

What misleading advert bs.

Some cool stuff in there, but not worth the announcement post it rode in on...
Cyberpunk colours on purpose or coincidental with original release plans? :D

Despair portal looks amazing btw, good to see artstyle and animations getting better and better
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