Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas Gem Information

Well, my build - ascendency including some gems was nerfed :)
● Tristram Guitar DI (I am HC DI,II player since 1996)
● DII intro
● Zana's story is the best of story from all ARPG
● Nerf do a fun PoE. That's challenge to build a new Phoenix and be HC
● I have no time to be slow in HC. It's not ARPG/fun
SpiritKinay wrote:
This new format for the gem changes is awesome!

Where's the golem gems?????
Any idea when the buffed gems info is released?
so Hydrosphere + Trinity ???
Hydrosphere is a cold + lightning skill. will it switch between cold and lightning or what ????

that trinity just seem wird. i know Chris is horny about everything have to be a 2 click game play. i see more and more intrigrated. the day i cant fint a one button game play is the day i quit. I hate to have to cast a spell and then cast another for the damage to burst out.
the new Hydrosphere is the same, you cast it and then you have to cast another spell for it to start deal damage and 3 pulse a sec just dont seem strong to me.

there is no saying that cast speet will help at all
GGG at trying hardest punishing all Aura-stackers, massacring masses of casual players on the way, no matter what.

Oh wait ... what did Chris say ( indirectly? ) Fuck you casuals, i am fine with most people never reaching red maps.

... thinking further ... so why not even enforcing this stance a little more lol

sad sad

Chris, that 1 second buff on Static strike was really "worth" mentioning as a buff in announcement stream KEKW
Playing marauder @ Hardcore leagues

SpiritKinay wrote:
This new format for the gem changes is awesome!


“Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.”
― Christopher Hitchens
Ugh, sucks.
I was hoping for some actual new skills, as all we got were two and ones a support. Might end up skipping this season as well. Been a real lack on interesting new skills lately.
I'm still waiting on some good leveling chaos skills.

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