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Zork_ZA wrote:
People crying about people crying are even worse than the people crying about patch notes. Can everyone just chill the F out and wait for the league to start. New content will be great. Nerfs all around. So what. Lets find new ways to play. There is NO OTHER game that give us new content every few MONTHS. Not years but months. New challenges. New rewards. New items. New quests. New MTX. POE 2. This game will die if ALL content becomes easy like Diablo 3. Power lvl in 3 mins to max lvl. Get geared up in one day. Then what?

Good luck to you all. See you on the battlefield.

Lets Gooooo

AMEN, brother. Couldn't have said it better myself.
Nice !!!
Hierophant took some hit and since there is nothing to compensate that, I'm afraid totems are getting hard times.
where is my Earthquake?
Nerfing alternate quality auras to punish aura stackers in a way that punishes every user harder than aura stackers still baffles me. Like, just cap aura effectiveness or better yet; dont let effectiveness affect quality and boom; everyone can use them and none can get to the broken state.

That being said; some of these buffs of underused skill gems are nice-ish, and maybe, hopefully, the coming weeks/mathill will prove me wrong, but to me it seems like it won't be enough to make them compete with other skills (which would be part of the fun for a lot of people i reckon).

Don't get me wrong; i will try some; i've always done that since 2013 but i just feel less hyped about it than usual. Like; flameblast buffs get you exited, but reading that only ignite chance is 50% now instead of ramping kinda kills the buzz. Ignite builds dont have a shortage of ignite chance so for that it's not useful. What flameblast could've used was faster stage gaining or aoe or some build in defensive mechanic so you won't get oneshot while using it. Since the hyrophant totem nerf is a thing now, totem fb sucks too, so yea, give and take...

Hopefully I'm overlooking things, but the hype bait was a bit unfair this time, portraying the changes as way stronger than they turned out to be.
rami1337 wrote:
Remove Fracturing Fossils, they are destroying the game!

"Ho no i can't sell my gear for 10 mirrore"

Wat you are talking about ??? riche probleme ?
All the streamers are going blade blast build it seems. I wanted more variety of builds. Hopefully, when the new items are revealed we will see more.

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