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DarkJen wrote:
other builds I can play and have fun with are gonna destroy my wrists.

Try channelling skills, much less clicks. Or DoT skills, Creeping Frost for example.
Belurges wrote:
I have been disappointed in the past at times, but understood many of the issues were due to lack of resources/time.

Seeing the content and how much thought/depth has gone into it, I am feeling very happy with the direction.
If the release comes out and is clear of bugs and stays mostly as advertised then this league will definitely be a high point in the progression of POE.

Not just looking at completion, but even reviewing and planning for future development and migration towards POE2.
I would expect most peoples reaction to be pleasant surprise.

Sadly, it appears that all the leftover rage from heist league and the tencent thing is all coming out, and is marring the release.

To any of the guys at GGG if they read this. I was worried about the direction of things, but you have exceeded my expectations for this release.

Hmm, agree with you fully.

As for constant whining on forums it's natural thing, don't pay attention to it GGG.
Beglets wrote:
DarkJen wrote:
other builds I can play and have fun with are gonna destroy my wrists.

Try channelling skills, much less clicks. Or DoT skills, Creeping Frost for example.

Played alot cyclone. Old enough to loose desire to play it again.

Frost, not heard of its being even viable, will check if it is, thanks.
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TNaZa526 wrote:
Indeed, change is good and is pushing you to do something differently.

The updated PoB is available.
Check how much DPS your OP build will loose, if at all, before you start crying.


These posts really annoy me. Change is not good for some people, you may like it, others may not. One of the reasons minion builds are popular is that alot of people just enjoy the playstyle. I hate the fact that in poe, you are basically playing a piano. Dpamming 5 flasks constantly, movement skills, curses, attacks, etc. Ita incredibly tedious and is very unhealthy for your hands, alot of people complain about Carpal tunnel.

If they made some QoL changes, for example the flask macro that the Chinese are allowed to use, but we aren't, it would make ao many more active playstylea appealing for more people.

Some nerfs were needed absolutely, nerfs to already underused ascendancies was perplexing, and some nerfa maybe went too fire.

Alot of the negativity is because of the communication from Chris, smugly gloating that everything is being simplified, with 'powerful new options', that's become the meme of the month now, as has the significant buff to over 40 skill gems... Had they simply told the truth, and said in the interest of balance there were going to be some changes, most people would have been OK (some people will always complain when you nerf their build).

Please stop telling people to play new builds, people have a right to like and play a certain character. I think people would be more willing to play more builds, if you didn't need to be an octopus with tentacles on every key, to play! Give us the Chines flask macro, or at least stop threatening to ban people for using 3rd party ones.

Also in future, be more honest in your communication.
Siege Ballista needs 800% buff to be worth a build, but they add 33%

why does people have such hard time with the changes? i mean, if you refuse to adapt just because you won't be able to abuse 1 button builds as much anymore, then i don't know what to say. i am really happy with most of the skill changes. the only thing i am abit dissapointed in is the spectral shield throw buff. the scaling of SST is still pretty bad, since it is still limited to only the armor on your shield. the buffs helps abit, but the core issue the skill has still remains.

DarkJen wrote:
VardekCrom63 wrote:
DarkJen wrote:
You can just delete spectre gem at all.
Lvl 72 is a natural deathwish.

Will be viable in white tier maps max.
But no one come to white maps with gem lvl 20 like, at all.
So its will be even more sad.
Even with lvling.
Zero testing here spotted.

Time to forget about PoE?
Can do

Maybe play something else than only one build every league then ?

Thanks, maby Im blind, but other builds I can play and have fun with are gonna destroy my wrists. Not gonna happen.

Can do RF but its on the weak spot too.
GGG done great job to do clicker type of game now.

Exactly my feeling. RF was one of my favourite builds. It sucks at killing bosses (without heavy investment) and the new mechanic is to kill more bosses at the same time and without any buffs this patch it is worse for this league than before. After the impactful buffs to the 40 skill gems the only build I think I will enjoy is a shield charge cast on crit into searing bonds and manually casting scorching ray to create a pentagon. This build will be HO viable so will get bored after getting it right 2/3 times then call it a day for the league.

I was under the impression they would update ICE TRAP, since they announced it. Am I wrong?
Kursed_one wrote:
Am I misunderstood something or ballista info was wrong?

"Now allows you to place an additional totem at gem level 11, and again at gem level 22".

Doesn't that mean +2 ballista?

You place 1 basic, lvl 11 gives you 2 and lvl 22 gives you a total of 3.

That's how I see it.
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