[3.14] Dejuvenate's Flameslinger Elementalist. Best League starter and unethical clear speed

My pob dps went from 2.2M to 497k. Also I was running herald of ash, but even turning that off I still have -9% mana available so I have to lose something else.

Re-doing links etc, grabbing sovereignty (which is already in my thread of hope ring), gets me to 397k dps. That's like 18% of the damage I was doing in 3.13.


This is just knee jerk reaction trying to see what the changes are like, I didnt spend any time improving it, because well I just don't see the point.

she's dead jim.
This build got big ouch.
DPS nerf is something you can deal with, to do 6mil instead of 18mil dps is what many of us would find acceptable for the clear comfort this build provided.

Some new interactions are now possible too, maybe compensating for some of the damage lost.

But yeah, fire dot got hit extremely hard this patch and spellslinger got killed 3 times over.

What are you gonna play guys? I'm thinking about the assassin with new trap.
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Best thing i've played in the game. It's dead now.
Sorry for the tardy response guys.

I believe this build is just not preferable anymore.

The murder of spellslinger, the butchering of dot multi cluster jewels, shitting on of support gems, and nerf to golems pretty much sealed the coffin on this build.

A couple things I personally tried and enjoyed this league.

Seismic+exsang trapper. Best build on a budget. Done sirus a8 with 5L tinkerskin and cleared t16s comfortable with exsang. Kinda squishy tho and easy to die when mobbed. Real nice regen and recovery with tinkerskin, pyromaniac, and vitality.

Forbidden rite totem is kinda on a league of its own. The fact that it shotguns kinda makes me feel ggg dropped the ball on this one and they didnt playtest this skill enough.

discord id: dejuvenate#5828
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F for spellslinger, so sad.

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