Content Update 3.13.0 -- Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas


Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a new economy. All of your old characters and items are still present in the Standard and Hardcore leagues, but you're encouraged to join the new leagues, complete challenges and demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile!

It's not that Standard is dead; you are killing its playerbase with every introduced change. I cannot explain my friends why none of the builds I played during past leagues are working or even able to clear a red map anymore in Standard. We all have jobs, family and stuff that does not allow us to pour endless hours every league just to "demonstrate our mastery of Path of Exile". C'mon, that was one of the best things of D2 - your build was functional and lasted for ages out of seasons. No pressure to compete all the time.

Last league I hit 100 for the first time and managed to clear all endgame content with a build that has not been nerfed much.
To do so I spent around 20ex incrementally (+15ex for a luxury 600ES more).

One would think that investing hundreds of exalts would be ok to clear things 20-30% faster and be tankier proportionally. It seems not. Others get to decide what is fun for you. Comparing the two, if this is the game you want to develop, you are nerfing the wrong things (or not buffing the adequate ones).

I understand that in these competitive times leagues and moving everyone back to square one is what feeds your business the most, and that a thriving Standard with powerful character does not give the same profits...
But this is not appealing for me and the limited time I have to invest.

PS. If you think mid-tier (240-300ex) AuraStacker performs vastly different from a 30ex ArcMiner, I invite you to try it out. It clears T17 Delirium Tropical Islands easily, dies less and can actually do all mods on a map.
Divergent Anger now grants you and nearby allies 0.05% increased movement speed per 1% gem quality (from 0.25% per 1% gem quality).

Much appreciate the patch notes.

Some of these changes seem straight up ridiculous.

There would be a number of alternative ways to fix auras like setting upper limits for mana reservation, amount of auras, the way auras affect players other than oneself, max quality, or max aura effect.

These alternate quality gems are quite interesting for a person looking for something nice on a budget(budget = non-awakened).
And while these changes probably do not affect me personally, i think, that for example 1% movement speed for a 20% Anger gem with a rare quality seems absolutely ridiculous. I had to double-check, that it isn't april fools as i was reading the auras.

But maybe that's just me. No wait, that's not just me. 1% Movement Speed for a 20% Quality Aura ? I just don't understand. Again, i don't really care very much, because i don't use it. But i just don't understand.

Well like somebody said on the forum: if PoE was designed for the average player, it would have died long ago..or something like that, i guess lol.
Blubbeys Convenient 4-Color Filter:

Blubbey's Convenient Death Aura:
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I just wanna see a Wild strike buff that doesn't make you choose an element to use. I like all 3.
Nice changes.
BIG META SHIFT!!! POGGERS! Oh wait... Hello?
Is there any full passive tree reset?
boring changes... less hyped about the league
Baron01 wrote:
Alternate quality changes are absolutely ridiculous.

These alternate qualities in 3.12 were option for end-game optimization when you were already done with rest of your character. Now, they might as well not exists because they are simply useless. There is no difference to end-game build as a result of extra 2% of anything, be it damage, movement speed or skill-effect duration. Why even bother to have them in the game?

Agree 100%. With the quality changes, the alt gems may as well not exist. As you said, 2% of anything is useless.
Was waiting for that to see a buff for necro after all that nerfs.

Looks like only one is mage skely.

Btw where are this 40+ buffed skills?

Any chamges to skill tree?
hmm ok soooooooooooo...
im really waiting for the first video of 5 best endgame poe builds XD XD

dang everything changes or is just me ^_^ ? wtf

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