Content Update 3.13.0 -- Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Winter Orb
Now has a base duration of 1.6 seconds (from 1.2).

well, better than nothing
DyslexicEvo wrote:
Harvest rewards can no longer appear in Heists

i dont get this what kind of rewards did you get from heists that were from harvest?

Like infused beachhead for example, the other offerings (dedication to the goddes etc) and so on.

lordofsoup wrote:
Does the cluster jewel change effect vaaled jewels as well as legacy ones from delirium league? Because if youre gona change the numerical values on it, I think its only fair to add a socket to the ones that dont have them.

It will affect all versions of the jewels. You can vendor the jewels without sockets for version with the sockets without changing the rolls, since delirium ended.

@ Patchnotes

Ehh, hard to see any sort of compensation in buffs for all the nerfs. But as usual nerfs are not that horrible as they look on paper and a lot of folks just overreact. I play mainly assassins, my go to afk build is a golem elementalist, and from what I see all my builds are fine.
Persistence makes impossible possible, possible likely and likely definite. Yep, Mirror will drop eventually -_-
"The Rogue Harbour once again acts like a town and will be populated by other players."

who wanted this? the lag was terrible...
This is a buff!
After the reveal I was the most excited about this league than ever... After to nerfing everything into oblivion i've lost all that excitement. It is a single player PVE game primarily! Why make the game less fun!?!?!
LoL, no more fun for normal people who plays PoE for one or two hours a day. Quit this game. I like this game from beta, but nd, its trash.
Conqueror-Influenced maps may now experience an invasion by Sirus himself.

what? :0
The Rogue Harbour once again acts like a town and will be populated by other players.

Just why.
Didn't see the item filter and passive tree info, will get it later ?

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