Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas FAQ and Q&A Summary

Yahira wrote:

Will the new maps add 11 to the maximum Atlas completion bonuses?
Yes. Well actually 10, since Hall of Grandmasters no longer grants completion bonuses in 3.13.


Just came to post something similar, so cool !
As someone that did almost 39/40 in Legion and quit after that and has now returned to the game to check it out, i must say i quite like what Ritual and Echoes seem to be.
A core arpg type of league, as in fight mobs and get loot with no real annoying third party cheatsheets and ui micromanaging and an expansion that enables a more deterministically customizable endgame.

Challenge rewards look good too.
Quit after Legion, rejoined PoE to see what the game's like now in 3.12.
Did they already reveal how atlas skill trees affect blighted maps?
new leauge
new bugs
pak q
i will not play this bullshot game
Oh i cant wait, until i can play it...
It sounds very interestig. Learning the new Atlas, an capturing the League :D
Come get some :D
What the fuck is a "smart loot generation system"?
Ok, not gonna bother to read it all, but out from what I do read, and what I listen to what Chris and Ziggy is talking about here, it seems like some interesting things here.
But then again, when saying that, that was also the case for last years huge announcement regarding new Atlas and bla bla.

The thing is, last years new Atlas was actually hard to get into and understand properly. How is this? Easier? Hope so, since last one required lots of reading and tons of Videowatching to actually understand and get into properly. I remember I was thinking back then that this Atlas should actually be like Chess. Easy to learn/understand, but very hard to Master.

Crossing my fingers for things getting improved for the upcoming Leagues and Atlas. Last years leagues were seriously not very much to write home about, when all things went into place.
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The wait for all the new info is killing me ;(

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