Ritual Challenge Rewards

Wow dude POGGERS hideout!
Best patch ! GG GGG <3
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Not really looking forward to the work, but the Hideout is a nice touch.

So, please less R'n'G challenges and no double grinds like last league, like the 750 Heist + 75.000 Quantity, cause Heist quant didn't count so you had to basically run twice the amount of instances as in other leagues.
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dizz wrote:
Really nice 36 challenge reward, an epic shaman witchdoctor village hideout.

I wish they would tone down the challenge difficulties though.

The highest I've gotten was 24/40 after no-lifing extremely hard on the game for 4-5 weeks, using a week's vacation from work, and hard burning out at lvl 93 or 94. And only 24 challenges done lol!

36/40 is just masochism lol. If playing 8 hours a day for 4 straight weeks doesn't even get you to 30 challenges completion, that's a bit much. There should be like 50 or 60 challenges total in the pool, because the last 10 or so challenges are always so brutal.

Thanks for reading my feedback as someone who has been playing regularly every league since Beta. Many will disagree with my sentiments, but they also probably farm 100 exalted orbs per league and are the 1%. We need to improve the experience for the players outside that fraction.

The only other last thing I'd ask, is to add the music track to the mtx jukebox, it's pretty rad. Thanks! :D

last couple 36's i got took 4 and 5 days /played and i started playing seriously in essence league (my first 36) and ive had 6 since then only because i didnt like the rewards and didnt play the league
ive been saying to my mates i rkn the challenges should be harder cause imo they've gotten way easier to do and the ease at which you get currency and gear is retarded

i hate to say it, but u gotta get good bro
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Oh shit, here we go again. 36 in HC!

Hideout as reward its WOW. Just WOW. I have to grab it. :D
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Gruentod wrote:
xPiranha wrote:
What exactly do you use your hideout for? Just curious as to why youd need more room.

Some hideouts are roomier than others. The Enlightened (Elreon) hideout is just about right for my purposes, though still a little cramped. The main room is where most of the masters and my stash are, while one room off the main area has the map device and the other room off the main area has Alva (also known as the Incursion map device).

A couple of the freebie hideouts one picks up either from having had all the Forsaken Masters levelled, or from picking them up in the course of playing the game, seem to me to be a bit cramped for the way I like to set things up. The Baleful Hideout was definitely too small for my purposes, and I want to say the Stately Hideout was almost as claustrophobic.

Hope that answers your question.

Yup thanks :P
Meh this ho for losers who had not a Celestial Hideout haha
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Please, make the character effect have 3 versions, one with only the candles and one with only the circle
Wew. Best challanges ever

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