Ritual Challenge Rewards

No pet, no portal -> RUINED!
Yeah I’m super disappointed with these rewards. Good concepts, poor execution!
well my prediction that tencent will eventually kill PoE closing to become true.
a biiiig lot of comunity management issues been shown for last two years. guys, leave this and dev new poe(2) with new name, being chinese subjects inst good for you.
dang yo!
WoW ! that is huge ! Hideout as reward, im really suprised in good way of course :D
Please, GGG, let us have two versions of the char effect reward or make a choice!

CANDLES: yessss, please!

(Texas) BULLHEAD: noooo, thanks but no please!

I love the candles in the char effect! They are kinda funny kinda deep and stylish and unique. They fit multiple different themes (eg. divine, demon, ritual, summoner, etc.)

... but the rotating bullhead just ruins it completely! It could be nice separately but in this combination it is just so out of place with the non-circular and far too bright and clear lines. For me it looks like I was walking on a Texas ranch bullhead logo. Why???

Please let us chose or let us have them separately as a set like the Heist helmets.

(The latter could be more easily implemented.)

Please! :D ... I promise to use the candles for all my league starts!

Last edited by Korynel on Jan 14, 2021, 3:48:26 PM
And this was done largely (completely?) remotely? Kudos!

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