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In fleeting reality, you step into the realm of madness.
Is it really next week... FOREVER!?!?!
I dont mind heist going core but could there at least have been a league or 2 that it wasn't in the game. So it could be reworked to a better state. Well i hope it was done right.

I do think alva temples need a rework essence also need a slight tweak maybe all of them work like chaos instead of alc's. breaches also need 2 changes namely drop all the splinters when in close and maybe makes them drop more since as it stand most new content is just better to get splinters its not fun doing 10+ clicks to pick them all up. Beast/abys and delve might need a slight rework hopefully the new atlas changes and harvest slightly address it. Add replica uniques to the syndicate i would really like it if Eldreon actually drop them instead of real uniques.

Delves only real problem is it need a tweek in spawn rate of the bosses and maybe a few new nodes.

Stuff i want but prob wont happen a super metamorph when you get the bar full in the lab , a end game blight map and the last few unique maps for the uncompleted heist story lines that was never added to the game. changes of the prices of old cosmetics that a few years old because most dont look as good as new ones. a rework of the textures on the normal items(i guess that will happen in POE 2 but hopefully that can be implemented early)
Snapfire wrote:
No MTX from the events... 2020 continues into 2021 it seems.
Twitch Drops while the event streams likely be bad too.

What's a Twitch drop?

€dit: NVM, saw the newest news, heh
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Looking for weapon skin challenge reward :X
I hope the supporter packs will look good this time. The core packs were amazing
League CARRY Thread:
I hope the supporter packs will look good this time. The core packs were amazing

IMHO the highest core pack is pretty disappointing.... Probably a skip for me this time

But I am hyped for the 2 League packs too, could be good. I hope they are themed to the league
All bugs revealed
Телеграмм канал @path_of_exile_poe, буду рад всех видеть.

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