They sought novelties from far and wide at her insistence, never satisfying her curiosity, her lust for conflict and contest.

lol why are people "pog" ing information just pics. gimme some stuff to actually look at pls
i am my own cockblock
benjiwoosh wrote:

Chris' Ferrari got an oil change recently and new windshield wipers. all good with the engine.
SryYouD1e wrote:
@GGG Hi, I would like to buy your New Uniques listed for 1 chaos in NameLeague (stash tab "1c"; position: left 1, top 1)

I exactly thought the same thing...

Every league they give us like 20-30 new uniques.. How many of them are vendor trash? probably 95%?
Trading still sucks
Finally, Zana End Boss!
v3rn1n4t3r wrote:

...that's Les Kozak...

Wiki; Leslie Paul Kozak is a Canadian former ice hockey player who played 12 games in the National Hockey League for the Toronto...

....also in polish common speech/slang “kozak” refers to something being cool/good, and expresses approval/appreciation. Kozak literally is a member of 15/16th century tribe of bandits (Kozactwo/Kozacy) known for their bravery, brutality and outstanding horse riding skills, they could easily compete with regular army on the battlefield. Dunno how it ended up being used in this way, but don’t get me started on word “dzban” that translates to pitcher/vase but has very negative/critical meaning in common speech.
Persistence makes impossible possible, possible likely and likely definite. Yep, Mirror will drop eventually -_-
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That head looks nice, but need more info;)
I’m guessing that Zanna turns to dark side;)
"There is only one true god in PoE and that is Greed... "

I don’t need anger management, I need people to stop pissing me off!
lol why are people "pog" ing information just pics. gimme some stuff to actually look at pls

probably bots to hype the post KEKW
New orbs?

You mean, more new currency without a designated slot in the Currency Tab? /s

Anyway, it would be nice to get an Atlas update, that doesn't completely reset map progression on Standard.
By the muscular golden arse of Innocence!

What in damnation have you done?!
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