They sought novelties from far and wide at her insistence, never satisfying her curiosity, her lust for conflict and contest.

kozak :)

Check my [3.0] [STARTER] [MINER] FROSTBolt KING - ATZ/uLAB /Guardians/Vaal Temple # CI/LIFE-MOM # ###
That mask looks sick!
I don't know what thoes long nailed boots are, but I need them badly.
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My guess: new ascendacy system, instead of trials you use orbs in map device. New supporter MTX. New league unique.
"There's no thing like random one-shots in this game. You only die because you take 353,456,237 hits in 0.2 seconds."

"The best items in the game should not be crafted, they should be TRADED." - Cent, GGG
You posted the left jewel twice.
I'm gonna keep it real here.

Apart from the helm and the orbs, the rest look like utter garbage.

And this isn't a hate comment, it's just being realistic.
I was here
IGN @SexyMilf

...that's Les Kozak...

Wiki; Leslie Paul Kozak is a Canadian former ice hockey player who played 12 games in the National Hockey League for the Toronto...

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