Past Atlas Expansions: A Recap

important note to the screbs of ggg who love to edit people's post

censoring ppl wont get you anywhere, instead fix your game

like the pathetic exp loss, especially when it's because of you lagggy server, my pc is way over your recomm

and second fix your trading system, it's really f up, add fkin buy button and we be done with it, everybody wants that

if you actually fix these 2, we'll be buying way more stuff

and stop censoring around, sloths
Looking forward to it
I expect "Balance" to be just another word for "nerfing the fun out of the game". That's what you did in the past few leagues. Until one day you find an empty game cause there's no more fun left to have.
Remember that we play for fun not for balance those 2 are not realy the same thing. Most often even is the unbalance that's fun .
If no class is special, no skill is special, no build is special (op in some way) everything is balanced but i'd rather not play cause everything is average . Balance would make sense in a more pvp oriented game, not here.
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So you mean we get harvest back and even more fun stuff?! It looks promising, I'm looking forward to seeing it.

I thought the next league would be a small one as Cris said they would reduce the scope to have more time for development. Let's see.
Harvest defender!
Turtledove wrote:
Conquerers of the Atlas was the only bad part of that progression. Everything else was great!

Specifically Sirus is not a very fun boss and the different levels of maps in the same league just leads to more confusion and hassle without anything to compensate for that negative. In other words without any advantage.
right, they had a plan+lore with synthetis but trowned it away as they had so many bugs with that league (not due to league, due to internal management at ggg). They made up conquerors in a hurry after that.
Please announce the trade system has changed.

Its literally the last clunky part of your game that can be exploited. The rest of POE is A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Favorite game over the past 15 years for me.
if anyone wants to lol, read all the comments from people complaining.
The atlas is far less confusing than it was and player agency is through the roof.

You dont have to do 100% of the content every league, find the niche that you enjoy and play that.

personally, I really enjoy the way the atlas works currently.

the way you can decide what endgame you want to play with the plethora of scarabs, master missons and side content.

keep up the good work GGG, really looking forward to the 3.13 announcement
War for the Atlas Trailer.
@ 2:10 you can see Shaper's face very good.
Neither the brief history or the recap is accurate. And to think something as insignificant as Betrayal has any bearing on the Atlas whatsoever but then not including Synthesis which was one of the biggest Atlas expansions in these recaps. Looks like someone is trying to escape the past. Again, Synthesis was a huge part of history for the Atlas you can't erase what you've made others experience. It's a part of the lore AND history now, whether you removed it from the game or not.
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cammoflauge5 wrote:

The atlas is far less confusing than it was

I respect that you like it, but this is a bit nuts to say isn't it?

This is the most unintuitive system in any game I've played, no hyperbole intended.

Each map can drop in multiple different Tier sets, which can only be ran for progression if the right mix of watchstones is slotted in the right way. Oh and to continue progression, you have to slot other areas so they are high enough that maps of the right level can drop, but not too high or too low. Oh, and you wont have enough watchstones to raise the whole atlas level so until you have 28+ watchstones, you will still be getting low level map drops, which will be largely worthless.

This isnt even going how you get watchstones to drop, watchstone placement circuits, conqueror spawning problems, Sirus as a random-ish spawn, the weird mix where you can have two same Tier maps in the same area but only one grants progression because Watchstones make one Tier 10 high enough but the other needs to be 12, etc.

Again, its subjective what you like to play, no argument intended there. But less confusing? Thats nuts.

Honestly I think ggg agrees, otherwise why change it 1 year in? If something works well, you add to the game, not replace it until its old and tired. Sirus and conquerers are, on this games timeline, fairly new.
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