Past Atlas Expansions: A Recap

Kyealo wrote:
The dream is to start a new character already on the atlas without having to do acts again.

Like in D3? Yeah that would be great!

I warn you, my next movement will be.... moving to new Zealand (really) ! Everything looks great up there

Go on guys,
Great game, sometimes small shits... but who doesnt ?

Waiting for next pack to support you
Agreed !
The progression of Atlas is a super grind and not clear at all.
Progressing MAPS from one level to another, what can be done, ect does not really play into the fun of playing the game.
Clear paths of progression for game play and the ability to change paths is great, but make it clear.
heresy_ wrote:
important note to the screbs of ggg who love to edit people's post

censoring ppl wont get you anywhere, instead fix your game

like the pathetic exp loss, especially when it's because of you lagggy server, my pc is way over your recomm

and second fix your trading system, it's really f up, add fkin buy button and we be done with it, everybody wants that

if you actually fix these 2, we'll be buying way more stuff

and stop censoring around, sloths
censorship has nothing to do with your complains, the rules are universal on this forum, try to put those sentences in some constructive manner instead
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Kyealo wrote:
The dream is to start a new character already on the atlas without having to do acts again.

I hear you I don't want to restart my character(s). That is why I skip some leagues.
Cudez wrote:
my 970 dies when playing the game. I cant do end-game content anymore - like Simulacrums etc. please optimize^_^

Did you try the Vulkan renderer?
Mastermind fight bugged out at last quadrant. Fixed yet?
Ahh, yes. Betrayal.
Well, that was what it felt like before I figured out it wasn´t other then crap, really. Some even managed to utter... Best League ever. But no, it most certainly wasn´t. Couple Leagues before that was in fact very nice, and after Betrayal, there were so many that actually had huge potential, but unfortunately hadn´t enough interesting mechanics to keep you interested long enough.
So, unfortunately, not very many Leagues after Betrayal kept my interest for long enough.
Something I also wished always for the Leagues, is that they last for 4 months instead of only 3. I think it would be easier to make in fact BETTER Leagues when they last for 4 instead of 3 mths. Because many of the Leagues that has been you see they have been rushed.

Would also be very nice to actually understand how to maneuver the endgame Mapthingy, in a matter of a cpl hours instead of having to watch Videos about it, read long articles about it, game for hour upon hours on it, and still not have a darn clue of pretty much anything. You understand up till a certain point, and after that, you feel complete, fresh and utterly green about it.

The Endgame MAP thingy should be like a Chessboard. Easy to understand, Easier to even learn, but damn hard to Master.
Just to get rid of Conquerors would already be a huge thing for me.

IMO having this clunky mechanics of having to upgrade Atlas with dozens of stones is so obnoxiously tedious, up to a point I stopped playing POE entirely.

Also having former exiles as top "baddies", doesn't really add to immersion for me. I want the main villain to be some monstrous evil abomination, not someone I fought "side by side" not so long ago.

Like in War for the Atlas. There's Shaper and then there's Elder, the evil entity that abducts children and drives people mad. That's a villain you really want to get rid of, over and over again.

So having some expectations over next expansion, though sadly nothing too high given recent GGG's track. But I'd love to be positively blown away for a change again.
hope the make end game simpler...
having to keep master mission progresion, leveling heist, while one shotting white maps for ever, seems like such a snore
Keep up the good work GGG :)

People complaining about Endgame being too much - you don't have to do everything! Just pick an endgame you like and skip the rest! At this point the game is not designed in such a way that you have to "full-clear" it. Except Uber-Lab-Trials those are mandatory and annoying for most players.

If the game is too complicated for you and you don't want to invest time to learn it - go play diablo 3 - poe was never designed for people unable to think a bit. For us "real" ARPG-Fans the complexity is whats great and keeps us years and years playing the game.

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