Happy Holidays! Get a Free Twilight Mystery Box!

Thanks GGG! Got a Nightfall Weapon, never had any before. Merry Christmas!
Got a Nightfall Weapon! Yeah first Skin in the game
Happy holidays!
IGN: HardyHard_FireFly

Big thx GGG for this great game :)
Happy holidays stay healthy and Ty :) !!!
I didn't get a free Inbox
!!!^^ Happy holidays ^^!!!
!!!^^ Happy holidays ^^!!!"... and thank you for the gift"...
Got the Sunrise Portal Effect. (also why can't we link our mtx loots here?)

Thanks for the nice xmas gift! My first portal reskin ever :)
Just got all my jun crafts unveiled...2 years later! Thanks Gravicius!
ironmlh wrote:
xPiranha wrote:
mebhansen wrote:
No mysterybox for me :-/ ?!
I press "N" in-game, and no box
GGG said this earlier not sure if you tried that.

Would you please ensure you have logged into the Path of Exile game client and then opened the in-game shop by pressing the M key for us? Unfortunately opening the shop via the Path of Exile website will not grant a free Mystery Box.

Same for me, no box in my microtransactions when accessing in game. Been playing for years.

Same here, I'm relative new, logged in today via Steam and opened ingame the microtranscation shop, but did'nt get a box or i don't know where to find it (is it in the inventory, stash?)

nevertheless, happy holidays to all and hope you enjoyed the days. :)
Happy holidays

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