Happy Holidays! Get a Free Twilight Mystery Box!

Merry Christmas, whether those who log in through the epic game don't get the mystery box
Hhmmm, okee. Free one. Okee, I check when I guess I´ll check. Haven´t played in a while, so haven´t got bothered to check much at all really. Guess I´ll even open it too.
And sorry for me, not being over-excited about this one box. Probably because of the fact that I have so much already of different stuff.
I would be so much more excited if it actually came one League that brought something exciting, new and challenging to the table. And the last couple of Leagues it hasn´t really been something to truly brag about. Some of them been fun yes, of course, but... oh well.
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Wennaa wrote:
Merry Christmas, whether those who log in through the epic game don't get the mystery box


Double checked for you and you did receive your free Mystery Box (yay!), looks like you opened it and got a set of Nightfall Footprints. :)
Dear GGG team, I see that you are double cheking if the players recieved the box. I humbly ask to check if I recieved the box and if it will not trouble You, the Wings from Drops. I have logged in today after I claimed the wings from twitch chat, and did not see the wings or the box in the cosmetics section. Thank You in advance. You, as always, are awesome.
I did not receive the Twilight Mystery Box in Path of Exile.

P.S. Received
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I didn't receive the box after logging in today either...
Logged in but didn't get a mystery box. Has it already ended? :(
Friend who is quite new (old account) and just wanted to claim the box today before it's gone also do not get the box.. Hope it gets fixed and he still gets the box before it ends tomorrow

Edit: He plays through steam, not sure if thats the problem. He already waited for 30min+
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I got the Mystery Box from the spend points promo but I don't think I got from this one. It's not a big deal but would be nice to get.

Edit: Nevermind, took a while but finally got it.
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