234 of 240 member spots!
Account Name:RegulusX
Character Name:ImYourFoodDeliveryGuy
Time Zone:CST
Year/Month started playing PoE:Sept 2010.
Highest Level: 95, I believe. I could get to 100, but it's a little boring.

Account Name: woooooorm
Character Name: ЧервьТрикстер
Time Zone: UTC+3
Year/Month started playing PoE: 2018-06-01
Highest Level: 100
Account Name: MashiroSama
Character Name:Tetho
Time Zone:GMT+8:00 Manila
Year/Month started playing PoE:Just started 3 - 4 days ago, though I did play PoE during Dec 22, 2017 but had to put it off since I was playing a lot of games back then.
Highest Level: Level 63 Necromancer before I switched to Duelist.
@MashiroSama & @woooooorm & @RegulusX - invites sent. Welcome to the guild!
238+2 invites pending out of 250 spots!
Happy Saturday!
Happy day of the Sun!
Looks like we are stuck 238!

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