Account Name: Steven_82
Character Name: Steven_Marauder
Time Zone: UK GMT 0
Year/Month started playing PoE: 2021 january i think
Highest Level: 77
@Steven_82 - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
8 days!
One week left!
Six days!
Account Name:syrach34
Character Name:Tarkual
Time Zone:gmt+2
Year/Month started playing PoE:2019
Highest Level:90
@syrach34 - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
Account Name: Chefnormous
Character Name: Chefnormous
Time Zone: PT or UTC -8:00 / -7:00
Year/Month started playing PoE: August 2012
Highest Level: 93

I've been playing for a long time with no real direction, but I'm finally putting my head down and trying hard for end-game stuff! Looking for a community to be a part of along the way!
@Chefnormous - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
Three days, folks, three days!

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