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great people here, looking forward to meeting more great peoples of the gaming worlds.
I can concur. I've been a member of several guilds and ran my own, this is the best bunch of dudes I've had an honor to bash heads with. :)
Account Name: nerverhurts

Character Name: PewRedPug

Time Zone: UTC +1 CET/Central European Time

Year/Month started playing PoE: Feb 10, 2018

Highest Level: 94
@nerverhurts - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
Account Name: Vattuman
Character Name: PathOfWaste
Time Zone: GMT +2 (Sweden)
Year/Month started playing PoE: On and off since June, 2013
Highest Level: Poffinator, lvl 86 elementalist

I usually been playing some leagues with a friend of mine but I'm looking for something more so I'm looking for a good bunch to play some poe or else with, and I'm hoping this will be a good fit.

Hope to cya ingame, laters!
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@Vattuman - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
Account Name:Jayhova86
Character Name: jayhova_
Time Zone:eastern
Year/Month started playing PoE: no idea during Breach league i think
Highest Level: 97 jugg

took a 2 year break, now im trying to get back into the game.
thanks in advance
Account Name: whiteice

Character Name: Openzios

Time Zone: UTC +7 Asia

Year/Month started playing PoE: Mar 8, 2019

Highest Level: 85
@Openzios & @jayhova_ - invites sent. Welcome to the guild!

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