This turns out to be quite a diverse group of new members! Keeps it coming, we welcome everyone from everywhere as long as you follow the rules and, you know, play the game. :)
The 3.13 teaser reminds me of Synthesis for some reason. Maybe the blue fog around the "device"?
Account Name: H4QU
Character Name: Fast Nibba
Time Zone: GMT+1
Year/Month started playing PoE: first time Aug 4, 2018 next i started play more in 2019-2020
Highest Level: 88 juggernaut
@H4QU - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
If anyone is wondering, you can join the discord first and then PM one of the officers with your info.
Only seven spots left! But no worries, we will be buying more.
Account Name: Faziz30
Character Name: FxR_RunniChanice
Timezone: GMT+7 Asia
Year/Month Started playing POE: 2020, last month during delirium league
Highest Level: 96
@Faziz30 - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
Account Name: GabrielVengeance
Character Name: EllieVen
Time Zone: UTC +1 CET/Central European Time
Year/Month started playing PoE: September 2019
Highest Level: 85
@GabrielVengeance - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!

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