@ctx - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
Hey, I'm new to Path of Exile and I'd like to join a guild and see what it's like. I'm starting to get to the endgame (I think), and being able to chat with people and ask questions sounds awesome to me :D

Account Name: xDukie
Character Name: DukieED
Time Zone: GMT -3
Year/Month started playing PoE: February 2021
Highest Level: 91
@xDukie - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
Happy Sunday, everyone!
The blazing salvo inquisitor build is a lot of fun!
Account Name:Lycandrew
Character Name:AusarTGK
Time Zone: EST
Year/Month started playing PoE: Feb 21
Highest Level: 60

Just started playing the game, really liking the game a lot, looking for a community to play with and learn from
@Lycandrew - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
Account Name: Revikus

Character Name: SpeedRaiding

Time Zone: US Central

Year/Month started playing PoE: Close to original launch, but not sure exactly. Played off and on since.

Highest Level: 86
@Revikus - invite sent. Welcome to the guild!
Account Name:Ummbaba
Character Name:LadyWhistleDowne
Time Zone:EST USA
Year/Month started playing PoE:Ive played since the second season. Not sure wht time frame that is hehe. FARM LEDGE FOREVER
Highest Level:94?

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