She is near, and eager to witness your struggle

From the teaser, it look like some kind of arena.
I Believe I Can Fly ~~~~
Looks like a Divine Vessel rework to me!
Harvest available as one of the options in the Map Device? I am in!
Why you must get to legion before blight? Blight should have its own branch.
Dobster wrote:
I hope this isn't just another Arena mode like in LE and GD. Arena's are just lazy and uninspiring game design and get boring very quickly.

you are at the wrong place to get Innovation ^^ xD
Hmm?? ok..
it is 100% another random monster spawn league without any "content" which gets any further with POE. it is just the same but different....
Hype is REAL! OMG
Cupcake1337 wrote:
nerf aurastacker

what's wrong with aura stack? why not nerf bosses and map mods to let more builds are viable?
Deonbekende wrote:
So 3.13 is released the 15th ?

I was hoping the first week of january ... i can't stop remember 3.13 should have been release december 13th just because this trash cybershit. Have to wait until january 15th when my free time is over.

This covid year has been so fcking bad. Can't even enjoy POE for chrismas.


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