She is near, and eager to witness your struggle

Mindelo wrote:
Why you must get to legion before blight? Blight should have its own branch.

My guess is one arm is "loot piñata" so Legion -> Blight

One arm is "crafting bases and reagents" so Abyss -> ?Metamorph?

The third arm looks like harbies but teal blue could also be harvest

If it's harbies, then it's the arm for "xp grind"

if it's harvest, then it's the arm for "recipes and op crafts" and you'll have to tag team with a guild mate to have one person go abyss/meta and the other person do harvest.

I am guessing the only way to respec your atlas ascendancy is by triggering an arena event every time you've downed a Sirus. So if you don't like loot piñata and want to try something else, you have to push your woke level by 1 before you can unlock another ascendancy point or have a chance to use regrets.

I'd rather have zana because I can always be "brave" and hope for nemesis early on.
Just got all my jun crafts unveiled...2 years later! Thanks Gravicius!
b44dss wrote:
it is 100% another random monster spawn league without any "content" which gets any further with POE. it is just the same but different....

This is a weird criticism. Every content expansion for every game in history has been 'more of the same but different'.

When something is successful, the people want more. But usually with a twist - if you give them the same thing, there is no value-added, they already have what they already have.

If you give them something truly different, that's a whole new game. Which means it's not a league or expansion any more.

So of course it's the same but different.
An announcement of an announcement. POGGERS ZOO
Thanks for bringing us new content to look forward to. It means a lot <3

Sure, the quality has been pretty bad lately but you are working on fixing this which is the most important. I enjoyed Heist and the two first races. Will be playing heist casually until next expansion.

I am excited to see new things for atlas.

Much love and happy xmas to all <3 !
I broke up with you...go away!
I've lost control of the controls...
Jesus take the wheel"
RAizQT during Kammel HC race
Instead of getting seven Zana mods that will be unlocked after complete some amount of maps in a strict order, we now decide by our own witch league option we want first, similar to ascendancy points.

But to get this points we have to survive some special encounter.
I like to play games ...
She is near, and eager to witness your struggle

...are you flirting with me? :P
Awakened Combustion Support when?

"Not that I was likely to [converse of gist of latest patch notes] but it was nice to have the dream." :(
0.08 seconds... does this look to you what it looks like to me? We can play leagues we *WANT* to play???

I see, offhand; Harvest, Legion, Blight, Pokiary... don't have a clue what the green ones on the bottom are.
Do we get information on how harvest crafting will make it into core with that announcement as well? That, quite honestly, is significantly more important to me than the 3.13 expansion...
Remove Horticrafting station storage limit.
SenchuTen wrote:
I am so not hyped any more for your bug fests and the constant one shots amd your ever growing grind mechanics to cater the chinese market (which has its own client anyway). I mean I havent even finished the atlas over a-level 5 after the first reset since it is so boring and grindheavy.

Poe was greate once. Until you finaly show some love to your fans again (and finally start to care for your own forums) o might be done with your game. IThis means:

- at least playable in the beginning
- get rid of oneshots or give us a deathlog finally.
- stop pretending its not possible since the chinese client has it too.

I'm playing PoE since beta... and it still feels like unbalanced, buged beta now... -_-

I come back to PoE every now and then and each and every time after few weeks of playing it's more like frustration and anger than fun and acomplishement... If Blizzard will refresh Diablo 2, people may just stop coming back here.

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