She is near, and eager to witness your struggle

Syntesis/Legacy League 2.0 - Shall be sure!
5 Эмблем Сервис - 4 Divine Orb/Capped Loot!!!
00:03, lost ark reference where you can choose sub-classes?

00:08, compass mechanism, where you can move the gear forward and backward?
wow nice!
I am so not hyped any more for your bug fests and the constant one shots amd your ever growing grind mechanics to cater the chinese market (which has its own client anyway). I mean I havent even finished the atlas over a-level 5 after the first reset since it is so boring and grindheavy.

Poe was greate once. Until you finaly show some love to your fans again (and finally start to care for your own forums) o might be done with your game. IThis means:

- at least playable in the beginning
- get rid of oneshots or give us a deathlog finally.
- stop pretending its not possible since the chinese client has it too.

hut holy damn that is a long ways away, my hype would be burned out by then XD
oh god I'm - I'M-

Every time I see those ranged whole screen shots I puke.
Quick question: A streamer said that we get an expansion and a league with 3.13.
So. Does that mean that this expansion/change to the map device will also be in standard?

GGG, it looks amazing and you really got my hopes up (I am a harvest fan).
Can‘t waaaait :-)
I'm so excited! :D :D :D

Good grief. The amount of salt and hate in the comments...It's unfortunate
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An announcement of an announcement .... shame

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