She is near, and eager to witness your struggle

Announcment of an announcment.
Poe 2.0 new trailers when?
Is she Kalandra ?
Wow. An announcement of an announcement . Smh.
Maybe new character? Or first merc like character that will “witness our struggle” when running around killing stuff maybe?
I’m guessing POE new endgame is like LE arena mode.
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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So 3.13 is released the 15th ?

I was hoping the first week of january ... i can't stop remember 3.13 should have been release december 13th just because this trash cybershit. Have to wait until january 15th when my free time is over.

This covid year has been so fcking bad. Can't even enjoy POE for chrismas.
Wow this Artwork of this Atlas stuff at the beginning is awesome! Is there a chance for a 21:9 wallpaper?
I am very hyped.
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if we can get rid of laB for ascendencies thats all i am asking for
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