The Core Supporter Packs End Soon!

Show us the packs! It's the pack or the AirPods Max.

Make the decision easy please.
Still havent seen my cloth map of the atlas yet...
eSports are toxic. Streamers are toxic. PoE is a joke now. Gaming in general is a joke now.
I can't wait!
I'm here for hoodies!!!
Saiiiyuki wrote:
Is the upgrade option applicable to the new supporter packs as well?

Upgrades from points work from the current packs bought from December 14th 2019. When the new packs release, points you've bought from that date can be used for the new packs but not any points prior - not an exact quote but this was the answer I got from ggg support a few days ago.

I am 150 dollars from the Orion supporter pack, I can understand maybe from a business point of view why they do this but I am also 900 points towards upgrading to that last supporter pack. I agree with others here that we should be allowed to see what we are spending our money on as a consumer so that we are happy customers, but I also feel like I am losing 90 dollars if I don't commit to upgrading to the Orion pack which feels a little bad.
Return to this flameless sunder
Where exiles burn and the joyless wander;
Frozen lore beneath chaotic thunder,
Dominus returns to send us under.
Cant say ive ever been this excited for new core supporter packs. XD
Put in the 480€ Pack a Pet, so i can buy two of it :D
Supporter Pack Gang where you at.

As "Those great an unreachable [...] have turned their gaze to this place"

Space guardian packs!
Introducing the Death & Rebirth Mystery Box
Glad i was just able to finish the orion pack <3
Nice Gonna get them all!!

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