By the end of this week (or early next week) we're planning to release a new set of annual Core Supporter Packs on PC. This means you have only a few days left to purchase them or reserve your current Core Supporter Packs with our customer support team at before they leave the store forever! Find out more information here.

We can't preview the new Core Supporter Packs yet, but we're excited to reveal their content: a pile of exclusive microtransactions as well as physical items such as a choice of t-shirts, hoodies and art prints for the higher tiers of supporter packs.

Due to the certification process and upcoming holidays, the console versions of the new Core Supporter Packs will be released in January.

Thank you for your continued support!
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Orion gang hands up for new supporters!
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nice !
Thank you, waiting for new packs!
R*** n*****
High five for console attention! I love it!
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my godddddddddddddd, I can't wait to see them
Is the upgrade option applicable to the new supporter packs as well?
patch notes when
Great another pack that costs more than 80% of worlds salaries gets released then the fanboys and [Removed by Support] cry that we will kill you cuz the games is free and we are just some snowflakes kissing Wilson ass.
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