December Events - Mayhem, Endless Delve and Flashback

noobdw wrote:
Niiiice, too bad game no longer runs with my graphics card...

is your gpu a matrox mystique from 1996?
Was expecting Flashback... but this is juist one more LoL like all content lately... why not Mayhem from 3.Dec to 3.Jan? simple, clean and good...
For that Mayhem One week will not install game (uninstalled week after heist)...
Tnx but not tnx, enjoy in that not Flashback event... jesus 1 additional breach, 1 additional abyss is real drawback... rlly is time to do something with producer... this movie become B production
dachoppa wrote:
noobdw wrote:
Niiiice, too bad game no longer runs with my graphics card...

is your gpu a matrox mystique from 1996?

wow.... like u ever saw that card... maybe on picture or from some book...

BTW... PoE is most hardware hungry ARPG atm what I know... and graphics (dont need to say content) is not even 1 billion ly close to that hunger.
It is about the Endless Delve.

In the current version of Delve, there will not be any boss-limited unique item dropped except the Delve's, can these sorts of boss combat be added into the delve some way? I mean just in the endless devle. It can be a special kind of delve encounter to profer the admittance of these boss combat, just like four boss combats in Bestiary.

Additionally, more kinds of league related encounters should be added into the whole devle system cause there has been a lot of new leagues with no change to delve. You know, the most curcial ones are cluster jewels, in recent days, almost no build can perform perfectly without clusters. And also, the oils.
Okay, btw, some league-limited uniques are also hardly obtained in delve since the limited number of such kind of boxes.

And, what about the 4 sorts of base types? It is said that in the new league January, there will be great changes in atlas and it means these base types must be influenced and maybe new base type. In my opinion, now that shaped and elder ones can be obtained in delve now, why not others?

To conclude, from my personal perspective, this race league seems too cursory some way because it expects the performance in normal league (you know the high demand to builds of deeper areas, for normal builds, 500+ means a great increase of death rate), but only provide such limited items and contents of leagues. You know, it some way leads to unpleasant feelings.
sorry to ask that, but, will be the "guild stash" available in Delve event??

The Delve event is SSF only and in ssf is no guild stash aviable.
For endless delve will items from unique bosses be acquirable, for instance Memory Vault which only drops from Guardians or will we have to do without them?
Nice to see you finally realized new leagues exist and you added them to the Flashback. Shame Mayhem still is with, at this point, ancient leagues only.
A bit disappointing.

A whole month of a new voided heist league with unlimited sulphite and coins, better and free map device modifiers (10 legions, beyond with 30% chance to attract monster from beyond, 20 exiles, 20 extras pack of rare monsters, etc.) would have been nice.

One week of mayhem, then 1 week of delve and then, 3 weeks of flashback means a majority of players will not bother with mayhem/delve. 1 week is too short.
YES!Finally free pants!

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