3.12.4d Patch Notes

Cremation fix when? Its bugged for a months can we have a fix?
currency, maps, fragments, cards, fossils, oil, uniq, OK
essence NOK

but otherwise it's a great thing, ty
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This is soo good, thank You!
Stash tab affinity system is a really nice update. Thanks for that!
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Love you guys.
Can i send my CV?
Thank you however i note that it would be nice to have more options for dropping/linking loot.

- veiled items
- prophecies
- dedicated tabs f/e armor/helm/gloves/rings/amulets/belts/weaps as people sort items quickly for chaos recipe early days of a league
- jewels
- clusters

mainly the 'main' item categories would be welcomed to have and not just premium stash tab sorting options.
--> Added support for Stash Tab Folders and Stash Tab Affinities


so cleannnnnnn!
Divinity card affinity doesn't work on standard tabs.
Spectred They of Tul no longer use abilities when not in combat.

Why? :( I thought it was really good that they had cast it that way.
Looking forward to testing out the affinity options more thoroughly.

Immediate observations:

* Unidentified unique pieces from Beachhead can not be control clicked into any stash tab, at all.

* We could do with a "temporarily disable affinity" option near the search box imo.

* Elder guardians default into the map tab and are just lost. I've no idea where blighted maps go, but I'm pretty sure I've lost one too.

* I still strongly disagree that Catalysts are not currency. My original complaint with the league specific tabs is correct and it is causing the exact issues I was concerned about.

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