3.12.4d Patch Notes

nice :)
Cant wait for stash folders!!! My stash is a mess using tabs as labels lol

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Oh snap!
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Ctrl+clicking an applicable item from your inventory into your stash will send it directly to the stash tab with an affinity set for that item, regardless of which stash tab you currently have open, unless you have a stash tab open which has slots that match the item type you are attempting to stash.

aBsoLuteLy INCREDIBLE addition!


i just started playing not too long ago so Im not the greatest at menuing quite yet.

this is gonna make doing content so much smoother. amazing QoL addition

wishing i had joined poe sooner rofl
WOW What a QoL GGG! This make me paly more cos i got bored of all that micromangment pretty quick and just stop playing after while! thanks GGG
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Just going to watch and wait, and hope that this isn't a repeat of the fossil tab issues. Quietly optimistic but I'll let others take the risk instead.
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"Fixed a client crash that could occur when exiting Path of Exile."

Best QoL
Affinities - that's something I dreamt for for several years!! Thank you!

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