3.12.4d Patch Notes

Well, better late then never... Though I'am surprised, that it releases this League and not in the next one.
ALL was w8 for it
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How about fix disconnecting between instances constantly?
pressing thumbs ;)
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
Has anyone actually gotten that deep in Delve?
Seems like div cards don't auto sort or I am having issues.
amazing ggg :)
cant Control klick my currency with affinities activated in currency tab
Hey, tab affinity is amazing!

Been testing it out, so far, nothing has deleted, and it all just works great!

I'm not the biggest fan of the "add a new tab" button, since it takes up space, but I'll take that over not having tab affinity.

There is one problem I found. Essence is not working for me. I have to disable tab affinity to put it into my essence tab.
Can't add currency with Affinity on, as soon as I turn it off its fine.

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