3.12.4d Patch Notes

love it
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I'm not sure if im doing something wrong but the oils do not automatically go to the Blight tab, I don't have issues with any other one.
I cant get currency to work? :O just letting u guys know
Currency doesn't work for me :(

I'm sorry if I sound a bit harsh here. I really do love these QoL improvements. However, I'm currently disappointed:

1. It hasn't been properly tested: I read in many answers that affinity prevents you for ctrl-clicking on some items. I personally experienced it with the currency tab, which doesn't work if you set the affinity.

2. It hasn't been properly finished: Tab folders prevent the tab from being displayed on the right panel, which was the best QoL ever invented for stash navigation. Basically, using folders prevent you from navigating from the list, which is a huge step backward.

I can't wait for you to finish this feature properly, it's very promising, but it wasn't ready for launch yet.
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Seems different players are having different bugs. All of my affinities worked fine except for the fragment tab. Definitely needs some bug fixes but its very nice, will be great to use it next league.

I quit this league a while ago now so I won't be able to further test it.
Was hugely derailed thinking devs implemented second row of tabs at last..

There are so much space for it still!

But anyway, thanks.
Will appreciate in in next league only, it seems. This one boring as hell alrdy.
still bugged doors in hest ... cant open reward rooms and curio room, 3 doors in same heist. guys pls.
I have 4 non premium stash tabs and for some reason for one of them affinities does not work. Everything else works fine.
So far this patch has only cause trouble for me and its total shit.

CTD twice today for no reason and lost grand heist.

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