We The North - guild for mature players

location:the netherlands
highest charc:88
casual player around 8-15hr weekly playing depending on my mood etc
can i join?
Grumpy Old Fart Here

Looking for some mature and nice people to chat with, play the game, help each other out. Playing alone sucks.

Current goal is to get crafting recipes unlocked.

IGN: ImSleepDeprived
BluntHonesty at your Service.
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IGN: TheSavageExile

Standard, softcore trade.

I can be the nicest person you'll meet or the biggest Ahole, up to you. I tell it like it is. Over the hill gentleman. Working on getting my crafting up to par. Really i'm a nice guy.

Trying to find an active mature guild to socialize in.
BluntHonesty at your Service.
Hi there, I'm a 50 year old who wants to play with mature people and help out where I can. Married, architect, 2 kids, played for 2 years, active, ridiculous accent (English gentleman), polite, used to play bass for Iron Maiden.

Toon names all start "Bish_", currently Bish_SkeleMages.

And yes, the Iron Maiden thing was a blatant lie.

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40 year old here. Married, 2 kids, active in the game when I can, work in IT and web development. Started playing poe last year with ritual league and have enjoyed it. First build I did was archmage. Ran several different builds since. I started running toxic rain champion this league and I am enjoying the game even more. I wouldn't say I'm a noob but am still learning the mechanics of the game.

Looking to get into a guild.

Current character name: amyntias

mlecule and BishBishop2 invites have been sent.

Welcome !!

I am a returning player. 40 years old, working in accounting and some programming on the side, I had the pleasure to play in the guild during Ultimatum, and I had a great time - I had to stop after, due to real life issues. I would like to experience the game again, especially since a new expac is coming. Looking forward to, hopefully, see you guys again :) Thanks for considering!
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Am pretty new at the game and trying to join a guild to ask questions and get help on how to do things

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