[3.12] [CI] Unkillable Carrion Golems/Spectres with 90/90/90/100 resistances + 80 Mil DPS

NavarreElder wrote:
Turbo32 wrote:
Well done guys, we contributed big time to GGG nerfing every single spectre build in the game.

Without auras and now way less HP on spectres there will be only a few tanky spectre options left which are viable for endgame.

I'm not sure how they thought it was a good idea to nerf spectre survivalbility on the league where you're expected to fight 10 bosses at the same time.

Nevertheless we must move onto new things now. Seems like the only thing untouched by the big nerf hammer would be minion life nodes.
I wonder how far Minion instability can be pushed.

They nerfed minion dmg clusters but buffed skeleton mages which will be interesting to see how they interact with the new trinity support gem.

Another viable option seems to be dominating blow with the herald of purity combo.

Or ultimately it's time to give up minions and play the second most popular thing in heist which so far seems to be untouched... Blade vortex.

Are we certain it's dead?

I could be misunderstanding but it doesn't sound like it's completely killed, just that we'll be working hard to reach like 300% Aura. My question is whether Divergent Det is broken etc. We need that 90%

Looking like you need a dedicated aura stacking build to hit 300-400%, multiple voices, 8+ cluster jewels, still a massive investment even if the aura stacker prices come down(voices are still rare and you really need at minimum a 5 passive) and you will probably end up with like 3.5-4k ES and 50-75% phys reduction.

Thats not even taking into account that you wont have enough points for all of those aura clusters while still getting the minion nodes you want on the tree.

Lets assume you jump through all of those hoops, you end up with a multiple hundred ex build that will struggle with any really high tier content. Spectres lost 4 levels base and they said they are nerfing the scaling so at lvl 25(needed for 4 specs) you're probably loosing 5-7 levels now.

The return on investment just isn't there for aura stacking builds. I am sure people will build them just to prove "aura stacking isnt dead" but it is for all intents and purposes in my opinion.
Divergent Determination now grants you and nearby allies 0.1% of evasion rating as extra armour per 1% gem quality (from 0.5% per 1% gem quality).

So..... from 10% to 2%.

They didn't just nerf alternate quality.

They nuked it from orbit.
Grinding Gear Games absolutely rock. Also protip: Path of Exile isn't dying.
My aura stacking necro was the funnest character I've ever played in POE. I am not sure if I will even play this league, no clue what my new starting build will be. GGG is getting roasted for their patch notes right now.
So I just took a look at the patch notes.
They overly nerfed the alternative qualities to the point that some might still work with auras but most of them now are irrelevant for any other builds lol.

Also I think they forgot to mention they nerfed the replenishing notable, or else it would be really funny now First among equals has exactly the same aura effect of Replenishing presence.

There is still one way to make a semi tanky witch and that would require the use of a skin of lords with iron reflexes.

this was a very old build version I tried, it's not amazing but not bad.
It demands for RMR on every jewel (except clusters) which is not cheap either.
T15 100% was a struggle, and now with even less DPS I'm not sure how it'll do.

POB: https://pastebin.com/QY2rLBXx

I lowered the aura effect to simulate 6%->3% , by removing some passives
stalwart loss of 10% so you can simulate that by removing another replenishing node.
and you can still get about 8k ES with about 5m sDPS per golem with 4 golems.
(patch note mentioned about 20% loss in dps for them)
DPS may drop less cause I'm not sure how impale affects this build's DPS.

Honestly I don't think 20m sDPS is worth it at the price tag, sure it will skill be kinda tanky but I'm sure with the same level of investment or less there are bigger and better things to try.

As for spectres, they basically made it into a 5link only skill.
Cause it's like dropping a lvl4 empower gem for these spectres.
And now maybe Crabbies will be the new meta spectres for endagme.
(They buffed phantasmal desecrate wut)

Anyways it's obvious GGG just really wants people to steer away from the meta and go try other things.
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Just want to say thanks to everyone who was involved in this build. I had a lot of fun with it in Heist, and it got me my first level 100. It doesn't look like we'll even be able to visit the character in the retirement home of standard, but at least we had some good times!
It was good and we pushed it big!
Thanks for the fun, it was a blast!
Time to find/create another OP build it seems ;)
I think the spectre version is dead on arrival.

However the carrion golem version will still be viable, and I think the stone golem elementalist version might even be buffed slightly (because of ascendancy buff)

In short, if you liked the playstyle, and want to stick to minions, I think elementalist golems is the way forward.
Is Carrion Golem version SSF HC viable?:D
Just wanted to thank everyone that worked on this build. I'm a casual player and was able to get my first ever level 100 character in standard without those alternative gems.

IGN: SirNemrac
weird, on pob shows only 3k ES, any1 know the reason?

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