Our Reasoning Behind the 3.13 Launch Delay

Woah nobody in the games industry communicates this bluntly and honestly. Thank you Chris.

Also uhhhhhh ENDLESS D E L V E yo screw 3.13 lmao.
Agreed with the decision prior to this post, you'd be blind to not see how much of a disadvantage Path of Exile would have if it launched during CyberPunk release. 80% of the playback would be either split between both or only playing one. Personally, I don't care for Cyberpunk, I have a feeling it's going to disappoint a lot but we will see. Good Luck with the development of the next league, Thanks.
I wonder what are you willing to do to actually gain trust of those that got really harmed by this decision, as company I'm sure you know that trust is everything.

Endless delve? after we're doing endless heists almost? (if your currency can fund it) how it's different and exciting, sure delving is nice but endless?
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Bold of you Chris to assume more then 20 people read all of this and didnt skip 90% of it
It's vitally important to have a clean release.

But the commercial reality is that if we kept our original release date, we would be fucked.

Thank you for being real about it. The last post felt like an excuse for running behind schedule more than a legit reason.

In the first post you guys could have just said we need a little more time and I don't think it would have bothered me at all. I think you underestimate your fans but financially I guess you guys know the numbers so you do you.

Having the final parts of a League show up a month in is something I would like to never see again. I don't mind waiting long as it works.
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Did you say Endless Delve?

Maybe some Battle Royale?

I hope you guys are doing well over there!
Enjoy your vacation!
Looking forward to hearing about the interesting events!

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To hell with the people mad at you for making a sensible business decision and being honest about it. I know that I'm excited for Cyberpunk and have played so much Heist I'll probably skip the next league to avoid burnout but this is a flat out smart decision and the vitriol is unwarranted.

For those that are being toxic about this decision: what went so wrong in your life that you can't read the whole post by Chris and see this is about the team and not YOU?
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
still the best game devs around, gj chris
People need to chill the fuck out. It's fine.
As someone who doesn't really care about Cyberpunk, and is a complete PoE degenerate. I welcome the move, a break is fine and the events sound fun. Enjoy your holidays.
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