3.13 Launch Delayed until January

Hurray! Thanks, CDPR and GGG! \o/
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Forum moderation is pathetic.
wtf... srsly?

dont do this ;(((
This is probably the most intelligent decision I've seen come out of GGG in quite some time.. even if there had been no Cyberpunk.. I'm really tired of several years of buggy leagues.. so maybe 3.13 will finally be one that works out the door.. covid or no covid
mostly harmless
This does feel weird that GGG would kowtow to another game company for their release while at the same time seems thoughtful and generous of them to change their whole schedule to accommodate both their staff's and their player base's interests.

It's both. Not one. Open mind, remove filters, close lid.
could we maybe get a...i don't know...maybe an endless ledge?...
Wonder what January release will postpone it until February.
lets pray cyberpunk gets delayed again so you can release the league as planned
I like this.

I want to play cyberpunk but that's not why i like this

i like that two weeks into a new league is when Christmas is. so now that its not can focus on family stuff and not be thinking about about finishing my char and look forward to new poe in January.

and honestly I'm sure ggg staff would like to enjoy the holidays too.

that being said if its a botched release in January not gonna win too many friends haha
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This is wonderfull pog news.
Really clever smart and smexy move.

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