[PS4] 3.12.4 Patch Notes

0 crashes over multiple hours, heists, grand heists, and delirium portals. Great work GGG, took a bit too long, but we're all glad you finally Did it. Purchase made today purely for encouragement!
Fine job! 0 crashes. Appreciate the hard work and sticking with it to fix this! Kudos!
Played for several hours today without any crashes! Fantastic work GGG, PoE is playable again!
Thank you GGG.

Stability is sooo much better. I think in 3 days of heavy play I've only crashed once. Maybe twice in 3 days? As opposed to the 5 - 10 crashes per day?

Thank you.
I've been very vocal about how awful it was to play with the crashes this league especially. I stopped hounding community boards now that I can spend all that time sitting down actually playing the game. But I wanted to go out of my way to thank the devs for fixing this. I'm playing on a launch day PS4 and after playing about 10-15 hours since the patch came out, I haven't experienced a single crash. In fact, I think it may run more smoothly now than it did when the game first came out on PS4.
Just like to say great job in finding the solution to the client crashes. Not a single crash playing the game over the weekend.

Really curious though of what was the cause.
I think the cause was too simple to disclose now. Consider the backlash, spooky.

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