3.12.3 Patch Notes

Is there any word on a fix for flicker strike? The ability has you teleporting forward while you camera stays behind. You can't see anything and you can still be damaged by mobs.
This just isn't good enough for me. I hope there are more fixes coming after this. I'm pre-crashing my game now for god's sake.
Yet again nothing to address the consistently systemic crashing issueson PS4.
Sorry to say GGG but like my Reddit post said last week you lost this exile. I will no longer subject my PS4 Pro to these crashes. My last crash forced me to unplug my PS4 just to get the console to restart. This wasn't even league mechanic related, I had just entered the last boss fight for act 9. With PS5 a little more than a month away I'm not playing brick-roulette with my current system nor do I plan on playing POE on PS5. When I can see/read first hand accounts that the crashing has been improved I'd love to come back.

POE has been one of my favorite games, right up there with Diablo series. I'm sad that I feel forced to leave due to console crashing issue not seemingly taken serious.

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2 weeks 2 late lmao
Nice work.

Please fix crash to desktop during Heist and Grand Heist. It's not funny on a pseudo-hardcore mechanic.
Basically no mention of the game’s stability or awful performance at all? GGG please.
Thank you!
Impressive that they just keep making heist worse, revert it to the way it was at launch.
Rejoice! Most welcome improvements.

Thanks for your time! <3
Nice changes
On words.
About 1000 contracts waiting to go.

Crashes still alive?

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