3.12.3 Patch Notes

imagine having a testing team

things need to fun for players to stay ....

I dont know im still not hyped.
Does not sound like the loot got any better.
omg the doors thank you GGG!
That's awesome, thank you
When are we getting paid for all these tests?

Thanks!! Really keen to grind through the stash of contracts ive saved up!
Can other sources of talismans also have random anoints now?
Cool, thanks for that. Anyway i am not happy with "Increased the Rogue Marker value of Heist objectives by up to 40% (based on the Tier of the Contract).". But overall is more than fine :)
6 minutes in the game, already found 2 bugs...

the game crashed itself without error while going towards the reward.
The dmeolition barell guy exploded 6 times the big chest reward box in a row

Niiiiiice patch, no performace improvements.
Seems kinda weird that unique heists spawn in smugglers chaches which is in maps. So I cant farm unique heists in.. heists?

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