3.12.2b Patch Notes Preview

So still cant run heists. Cool game cool league.
256mosh wrote:
Jylok wrote:
I am also seeking a refund for this leagues supporter pack. Underwhelming content, bugs on bugs, forced to play the league like standard, creating a filter to omit all Heist content, terribad Door RP / NPC banter. 5 reworks in 2 weeks. 100% my fault for purchasing a supporter pack before fully giving the league a fair shake. Never again.

This can't be repeated enough. I'd have NEVER EVER bought a supporter pack if I knew what I was supporting wasn't even going to come to more than a thought, hope and dream.

And Animated Guardians losing items on death shouldn't even exist. Players farming or trading 4-10ex into a build for it to be lost to one of your BULLSHIT one shots isn't even worth incorporating it into a build, so another lost skill gem in the game. Why not just make every class start in the center and have every ascendency available to each class. Just call it Path of Imagination, because you have it and just can't execute it.

The only way you didn't know if you have alzheimer's. You choose to pay to get fucked. And it only gets worse, keep it up.
Just the private harbor zone change to me is a massive change.

Good riddance.
How boring and small.

"By the Gods, I can't ignore.. The sight of his face shrouded in death's cold embrace.."

Chapter: XXI.
Very sad to see rogue harbor go private. I hardly ever see anyone in POE, the rogue harbor felt very lively. I hope maybe this is something they can bring back later.
Just lost 13K coins on a grand heist that lost its portal :\

Also using Huck's helmet and the new mtx flamedash will cause a huge black box for about 2 sec. pls fix
I hope this patch actually fixes the issue of the portal disappearing in grand heists.

Feels bad when you spend everything you have to open up a grand heist with all wings revealed only to lose the portal due to porting out to vendor after only finishing one wing.
keep up the hard work !!!! would love see hiest shorten that would be nice <3
who's ready for POE Heist Non-Beta???
2 Weeks beta period is over!! We can now play the game!
YOOO!!! Time to play Heist league!!! :D

P.S: I think Monsters not rising alert level really kill the heist feeling, now it's just an Alva area, u go in, u loot and then you return.

I blame reddit more rather than GGG in this one.

1: Reddit tried to play heist with all possible builds out there (and failed and asked for a change). As someone once said, who would go to a heist with 100 minions around him (well ppl did).

2: GGG (before release) did not though this through! If you think user won't do it, thing again because user will do it! If you are releasing a content make sure all builds (one way or the other) can play that content (or don't release that content). Clearly ppl only play the builds they like rather than playing the build which can do the specific content.
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Crash fixes seem really specific, well i hope i can run Heists without fear now.
"Harbor Private"
Not gonna lie Im gonna miss seeing all the exiles with me there.. it´s ok I guess, just wierd that you guys can´t fix it any other way.

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