Recording Heist From Level 3

Xylops2fr wrote:
personally, i think releasing 3.12 expansion was an error. Maybe it would have been worth it to deploy an flashback league and concentrated all developpements around POE 2.0 release...

uh, you didnt even read that thread did you? :D
Cool Cool Coool, well honestly i had to turn off dialogues because 20 times the same sentences per heist is just downright toxic, but yeah that's heist for you. Much work for a result... Maybe the teams develloping the game should play more.
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You guys have always done a fantastic job with vocals, keep it up.

Maybe next league can be called Silence, with no dialogues, but bad ass mechanics ? :D
zxundlegend wrote:
Heist to get non-sense, full of bugs .

My fault to even try the inevitable failure.

Shouldn't have played the league.

When you quit, can I have your currencies ? :D
girng wrote:
Stop using the coronavirus card, no one cares.

GGG, hire this guy! He knows how to make a full league during a pandemic way better than you
Vinderi is the best, very funny lines. Cool podcast btw.
Nice work with fleshing out all the characters with voice interactions!

I found myself more engaged than in other leagues with the npcs, they felt more alive :)

Perhaps in future it might even be possible that the npcs can add to the situation, eg. in a heist when transitioning into the area map, the chatter can be ended by one npc saying "ok quiet we're heading in" etc. The player then gets to listen or cut it short if the repetition gets a bit much.

Keep up the great work!

100% Ethical, most of the time.
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It's not the voice acting we - players - have issues with. Voice acting, as always, was fantastic. This is, by far, the best feature of PoE right now; it's always high quality, provides some great dialogue and storytelling, and portrays the world perfectly.

The issue we have is with the coding; bugs, glitches, DCs... you name it.
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.

story, voice acting, dialogue and such this league = 9/10

anything gameplay/performance related this league = 2/10
You guys nailed the dialog and character immersion this league!

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